The Elegance Wardrobe System

Elegant in style, elegant in function

The Elegance Wardrobe System is the essence of simplicity, functionality and versatility. Designed to look equally at home in a traditional or modern interior, it is characterised by sleek lines and refined finishes.

This system has been intuitively engineered for the demands of daily family use. Featuring high quality rollers for smooth operation, strong aluminium framing to make countless size panels possible and a specially designed tracking system for a multitude of door configuration options. Create the wardrobe that says a lot about you.


Door edge profiles

When it comes to the interior design of your living space, storage and organisation is one area which is often overlooked but if done well can significantly enhance both the practicality and style of your home.

The Elegance Wardrobe System has been conceived with these objectives in mind. Incorporating the latest in aesthetic trends and utilising high quality materials and finishes, the Elegance Wardrobe System can seamlessly integrate with the modern decor of today to provide a stylish robe and storage solution.

Frame Edge - Timber Veneer

Frame Edge (shown on Timber Veneer Door)

Frame Edge - Laminex Veneer

Frame Edge (shown on Laminex Veneer Door)


Features and benefits of the Elegance Wardrobe System

  • Door panel can be glazed with a solid panel, assembled around a plasterboard panel or have a mirror applied to the outside surface to create a semi-frameless appearance
  • Double Head and Sill Track has an overall width of 83.3mm
  • Triple Head and Silll Track has an overall width of 125.1mm
  • Purpose designed Guide/Bumper component aligns the door panel within the Head Track. The component also provides a door stop feature when positioned accordingly on the Panel Rail
  • Head and Sill End Cap components have been designed to neatly finish of the installed system. All exposed components are colour matched to various aluminium extrusion finishes
  • Two, three, four and five panel door configurations achievable in double track
  • Three and six panel door configurations for triple track
  • Finger pull detail has been designed into the Panel Stile extrusion for door panels glazed with a solid or plasterboard panel
  • Bumper Strips fit into the Panel Stile providing a bumper to cushion the panel upon closing
  • Frame joint assembly is achieved using specially designed components along with the roller components. Screw fixings are concealed on the inside of the wardrobe panel
  • Door system accommodates opaque glass, mirror, MDF, vinyl coated plasterboard, timber veneers laminated panels
  • Purpose designed extrusions and components for specific performance, function and aesthetics of the system


Panel Options

Available in a range of colours and bright polished finishes, the Elegance wardrobe is at home both in bedroom wardrobe configurations and in other areas of the home including linen closets, compact laundries and other general storage areas.

The Elegance wardrobe can be designed with a range of opaque glass, MDF, vinyl lined plasterboard, timber veneer or mirrored door panels to achieve a myriad of stylised options. For an ultra-modern look, Elegance can also be specified in a semi-frameless design to maximise mirrored surfaces and provide a crisp, clean finish.

Wardrobe with Timber Veneer

4 Panel Configuration with Timber Veneer Doors

Panel Option - Mirror


Panel Option - Opaque Glass

Opaque Glass


Panel Option - MDFe


Panel Option - Vinyl Coated Plasteboard

Vinyl Coated Plasteboard


Panel Option - Timber Veneer

Timber Veneer

Panel Option - Laminex




Superb Finishes

Double and triple track options also add to the versatility of the Elegance Wardrobe System, making extra-wide configurations possible while providing easy access. The use of high quality engineered rollers and specially designed tracks, the Elegance wardrobe system features smooth and quiet operation making the door panels easy to operate no matter the size. When quality, style and versatility are high on your priority list, the Elegance wardrobe system becomes the stand out choice.

Wardrobe with Plasterboard

2 Panel Configuration with Vinyl Coated Plasterboard Doors

Deep Head Track

Deep Head Track

Triple Track

Triple Track


Panel Stile Bumper Strip

Panel Stile Bumper Strip

Smooth Head Detail

Smooth Head Detail


Low Profile Track

Low Profile Track


Recommended sizes

Panel Height: Maximum 2770mm*
Panel Width: Maximum 1200mm
Panel Weight: Maximum 50kg

*For panel heights over 2400mm, use of a Midrail extrusion may be required to prevent de-glazing of stile extrusions during operation. Refer to Midrail details outlined in the technical manual available at Consideration also needs to be given to overall weight and sideways flex with tall door panels.

Glazing in accordance with Australian Standard (AS1288) for human impact requirements.

It is recommended that sill tracks be fitted to a timber base (eg: 85mm x 19mm – Double Track and 130mm x 19mm – Triple Track). Avoid at all times fitting sill tracks to carpet or concrete floors.

Wardrobe door panels are not load bearing.

If you would like more information on the recommended sizes, please speak to your Elegance Wardrobe dealer about your requirements.


Configurations of the Elegance Wardrobe System

Wardrobe Configurations