Hinged Door

Hinged Door – The Classic Range


  • New Residential Construction
  • Window Replacement and Renovation
  • Low-Rise Multi-Unit Developments
  • Aged Care and Wheelchair Requirements


  • Maximum Panel Height: 2400mm
  • Maximum Panel Width: 900mm
  • Maximum Glass Thickness: 4 – 10.5mm & 18 – 24mm
  • Maximum Panel Weight: 50kg
  • 125mm or 92mm Frame


  • A range of sill options for internal or external opening
  • A range of sidelite options including glass louvre options
  • Integral screening options for security or insect protection


Your Carinya Dealer can offer the typical standard configurations as some shown below. A range of other configurations are offered to suit your requirements:

Hinged Door Configurations Hinged Door

Carinya – Clearly Better

The Carinya Select Hinged Door is a unique combination of form and function, with inbuilt screen provision and option for internal or external opening configurations.

Consisting of a modern designer look, the Carinya Hinged Door extrusions are a consistent 85mm wide face on both the stiles and rails, combined with a 40mm thick panel. This allows a balanced visual face and allows a vast array of hardware lock options. Combined with optional spigots, these door panels are superior in strength and performance.

With a generous 125mm frame allowing for integrated screening, as well as multiple combinations of single, double or sidelites, the Select Hinged Door is the optimal choice.

A 92mm frame is also available for when screening is not required or for typical open out configurations. This also allows flexibility in design and budget.

The Carinya attention to detail includes concealed flush bolt brackets, reducing visible fixings, as well as custom extrusion design allowing for clean interaction with door hardware.

The Carinya Select Hinged Door can couple with the 125mm Louvre Frame, allowing fixed or louvre side lites to accompany any entry configuration.
The entire Carinya Collection has been fully tested to meet or exceed Australian Standard AS2047 Windows in buildings – selection and installation.

Why Carinya is better

  • Commercial design pedigree.
  • Suitable for all glass thicknesses from 4mm through to 10.5mm.
  • Suitable for double glazing with up to 24mm insulated glass units.
  • Optional security frame integration.
  • Captive wedge glazing for added security.
  • 85mm wide stiles & rails for consistent premium appeal.
  • High acoustic, energy & water penetration rating.
  • Exclusive glazing technique for long lasting operation.
  • Optional 4 point locking with turn snib release for easy access.
  • Commercial grade spigot fixings for a long lasting durable application.

Streamlined Hardware

Hinged Door

The Carinya Select Hinged Door sashes feature an optional commercial door spigot, allowing a strong and robust panel for enduring use, free of twist and movement.

The Carinya Select Hinged Door has been designed with hardware from the start, not as an after thought. All locks and flush bolts blend seamlessly with the custom extrusion for a professional finish.

Standard lock hardware options include ALSPEC’s custom Australian made Killara Furniture, combined with Lockwood’s proven Optimum mortice lock. Fitting snug within the stile and allowing an extended backset, this lock removes the common issue of minimal key distance to the jamb.

Other lock options include commercial locksets and furniture for a complete choice, as well as two and four point locking for single or double doors.

Hinged Door

Killara Xtra Furniture allows for an internal snib option with lock indicator, two or four point locking for all configurations.

Custom flush bolt guides have been designed to remove visible fixings from the extrusion faces, allowing a tighter seal saving potential energy costs while giving a professional, uninterrupted clean visible surface.

Carinya Master Key

Our Carinya Dealers are pleased to offer a solution for multiple keys for your doors and windows. It is possible to have 1 key for your front door, sliding door, french door, bi-fold door, sliding window, awning winder, double hung window and security door.

With Carinya’s Master Key – there’s less keys… and less fuss!