Sliding Windows

Sliding Window – The Classic Range


  • New residential construction
  • Window replacement and renovation
  • Low-rise building
  • Suitable for cyclonic regions C & D


  • Maximum Sash Height: 1500mm
  • Maximum Sash Width: 1200mm
  • Maximum Single Glazed Thickness: 10.5mm
  • Maximum Double Glazed Thickness: 18mm
  • Maximum Sash Weight: 40kg

*subject to site conditions


  • A range of sill options are available for applications requiring increased weather performance
  • A range of mullions and transoms complete with end caps for a quality finish
  • Choice of screening options with superior mesh solutions
  • Optional secondary glazing for high acoustic requirements


Your Carinya Dealer can offer the typical standard configurations below, as well as custom options to suit your requirements:

Sliding Window Configurations Sliding Windows

Carinya – Clearly Better

The Carinya Classic Sliding Window is a unique combination of form and function not previously available in the residential category.

Carinya has many visible advantages over alternative products in addition to its obvious aesthetic qualities.

These include an exclusive handle located on the mullion for ease of access and cleaner lines; and an in built weather flap – a feature of all Carinya windows – to reduce air and water infiltration, cover drain slots and minimise insect intrusion.

The timeless style of the Carinya sliding window is complemented by superb engineering. A proprietary adjustable, non-corrosive roller system – the ‘engine room’ of these high performance windows – provides an effortless gliding motion that makes the window a joy to operate.

Other features include an anti-lift block fitted above the sash to prevent manipulation and increase security, and mullion and transom end caps that ensure insects have no place to hide. The entire Carinya Collection has been fully tested to meet or exceed Australian Standards AS2047, AS1170, AS1191 and AS3959.

Why Carinya is better

  • Commercial design pedigree
  • Suitable for all glass thicknesses from 4mm through to 10.5mm
  • Suitable for double glazing up to 18mm insulated glass units
  • Unique commercial quality roller system
  • Unique dedicated security screen adaptor for high security and a clean finish
  • End caps and weather flaps guard against air, water and insect penetration
  • Anti-lift blocks fitted above the sash for extra security
  • Fully tested and certified for cyclonic regions C & D
  • Fully tested and certified to bushfire conditions up to BAL40
  • Fully tested and certified to high acoustic requirements
  • The only residential sliding window designed by a market leader in commercial doors and windows

Streamlined Hardware

The Carinya Classic Sliding Window has been designed with matching stylish hardware, with the option for a lockable or non-lockable proprietary handle.

Sliding Windows

Exclusive proprietary handle for ease of operation with optional colour finishes.

The slimline handle design, mounted in an easily accessible position on the rear of the sliding sash, offers ease of use and minimises view obstruction.

To maximise the performance and life of your window proprietary commercial rollers are used that have been tried and proven in commercial applications such as schools and offices. This ensures that your windows will always be easy to open, even with large sashes and heavier glass options.

All Carinya Sliding Window sashes feature corner blocks in all four corners of the sliding sash. These blocks make the sash more rigid, reducing twisting and movement. This reduction in movement increases the performance of the window by reducing opportunities for air and water infiltration.

Sliding Windows

Stainless housing commercial grade rollers for all glass options.

An optional vent lock is also available allowing the sliding sash to be secured in a semi-opened position for increased safety.

Carinya Master Key

Our Carinya Dealers are pleased to offer a solution for multiple keys for your doors and windows. It is possible to have 1 key for your front door, sliding door, french door, bi-fold door, sliding window, awning winder, double hung window and security door.

With Carinya’s Master Key – there’s less keys… and less fuss!